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Recreational Tours

This type of tour is perfect for when you are a beginner cyclist or for when you just want to have a relaxing day.
The recreational tours usually last up to one day and run through the hub of the city and /or the green surroundings of Addis Ababa.

Addis Ababa city tour

This Tour provides an opportunity to visit and view most of the cities iconic historical and architectural attractions. It will give you  a great sense of the city, its history and its culture. We will also stop for a cultural food. The city tour takes about 6 to 7 hours and includes lunch.

African village tour

This tour is an old time favorite  and a perfect way to fill your weekend. The Tour provides the opportunity to bike towards the outskirts of the city, starting to explore the rural surroundings . Biking through the hills, you soon will discover local village life, teff and wheat fields, local African houses and children playing outside. This  tour takes about 3 to 4 hours and includes a pick nick lunch.

Educational or team building tours

If you or your company are interested in organizing educational events or team building events ethio- cycling can help you. We have organized many educational events for high schools and many corporate events for international businesses. What better way to bond through a healthy bike ride?

Nature tour

Menagesha Suba Forest

Is the oldest national park in Africa, covered in a superb forest, where you will be able to see the last of Addis Ababa’s indigenous trees.
Biking through this forest will provide you inner peace and fill your lungs with fresh, green oxygen !!!

Entoto hills via kotebe

this route takes you to the highest altitude around Addis of 3169m and it offers a stunning 360 degree view of Addis and its surrounding. This tour is not only beautiful for its views but also because it will make you spot hyenas from less than 100meters

Gull botanical garden:

This Tour will take you through a very green and peaceful area , rich with diverse plants, a great tour to stay fit but to also do interesting nature sightseeing.



Addis hills hike and bike”

This Tour is a great opportunity to do a dual training at one time! You will be biking until the road is suitable to bike, then after putting the bikes away, we will continue thinking all the way Amora Gedel which offers great views . On the way back, we will hike back through a different route, offering you new scenery after which we will bike back to Addis.