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Extreme Tours

These tours are ideal for avid bikers and for people wo want to push themselves physically.
Explore high peaks while enjoying the benefits and enormous satisfaction of traveling under your own power. The added benefits is that biking on these high altitudes will make you extra fit.

Roof of Africa Tour

This 10 day tour in the Simien mountains offers superb wilderness biking with stunning scenery, dramatic cliffs and the Chance to spot endemic wildlife. We will be biking through every challenging off-road routes, making sure that we will go to our physical extremes!

Wildlife Tour

This 7 day tour in the bale mountains will give you the chance to experience scenery that is very different than the rest of the mountains that are found in Ethiopia. When we will reach on top of  Tulu Dimtu, you will feel like you are on the moon! during this extreme biking  tour , you will be able to spot most of the endemic mammals such as mountain niyalas, Ethiopian wolfs, bale monkeys, minilik bush bucks, and other birds.

More itineraries can be designed based on your fitness level and time frame.